Established in 2004, Harvest Eco Solutions Limited is a professional manufacturer of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration products based in Shanghai, China.

In 2008, Harvest expanded its business to solar PV systems and solar applications such as solar air conditioners, solar refrigerators, solar freezers, solar water pumps, solar street lights etc.

Solar air conditioner is the key product of Harvest Eco Solutions Limited. Up to 2017, Harvest has developed a complete range of off-grid solar air conditioners and hybrid solar air conditioners from 9,000 btu to 24,000 btu. In 2018, Harvest will extend its product range to solar central air conditioners.

With 15 years of sales experiences in worldwide market, Harvest holds skilled sales and technician team to serve our customers.

With 4 modern assemble lines, Harvest can produce 3,600,000 sets of all kinds of solar air conditioners per year.

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