The innovative submersible solar pumps are constructed with a stainless steel housing and cap. They are designed to provide a longer pump life, increased strength, and trusted durability. These pumps dissipate heat more effectively than PVC pumps. The thermal protection extends the life of the motor.

Main Features:

Permanent magnet brushless DC motor

Key components are made of SS304

Excellent waterproof

Multi protections

High efficiency MPPT controller


CE certificates available

3 years’ warranty

Power range: 60W-30KW

Voltage range: 12V-580V

Max head: 400m

Max flow: 80m3/h

Outlet dimension: 1 inch – 4 inch

Capacity: 60W/120W/200W/370W/550W/750W/1,100W/1,500W/2,200W/3,000W/4,000W