Off-Grid solar air conditioners

Recommended solar accessories:

Solar Panels: 320W~340W (72 cells) mono/poly crystalline
Q’ty of Solar Panels: 4
Solar Panel Array: 2 panels in series as 1 string, 2 strings in parallel.
Batteries: 4x12V 100Ah Gel Batteries
Solar Charge Controller: 48V 40-45A

CF series off-grid solar air conditioners are classic products of Harvest Eco Solutions Limited.

We design these series air conditioners for Africa, Middle-East, South Asia, Central America, Caribbean islands and other areas with good sunshine but lack of grid power supply, or with expensive electricity bill. They are also suitable for faraway area without any grid power supply, for example: farms, telecom shelters, container house etc.

CF series solar air conditioners can run well in tropical areas under ambient temperature from -10 Celsius degree to +55 Celsius.

All components, including compressor, indoor & outdoor fan motors and control PCB are powered by 48V DC. It is a low voltage system powered by 48V battery bank without any voltage regulation, which greatly reduce energy loss. A special soft start program makes air conditioner boosts smoothly, to extend battery bank lifespan. A wide voltage range from 44V to 58V helps air conditioner to take full use of battery storage capacity, which elevate 20% backup time. There is no any PCB inside air conditioner outdoor unit. Such design will reduce breakdown possibility of PCB under high temperature, high moisture and high dust environment. Voltage protection is available for CF series solar air conditioners. If input power higher than 58V or lower than 44V, the system will be shut down automatically. Taking advantage of DC brushless technology of compressor and fan motor, the energy consumption of 15,000btu is only 770W/hour, which is  50% lower than normal air conditioners.

We design a “hybrid control box” for CF series air conditioners. Power supply will be switched to grid power automatically upon low battery (voltage of battery bank lower than 48V) if there is grid power supply available. As voltage rise up after sun rising, power supply will be switched back to battery bank automatically.

Specification Sheet of 15,000btu Solar Air Conditioners (CF Series)

Model HSAC-15C/C
Power Supply DC 48V
 Capacity Cooling Btu/h 15,000
Heating 15,500
Max. Noise Indoor dB(A) ≤42
Outdoor ≤52
Charged Refrigerant g R134a / 920g
Air Circulation m³/h 550
Suitable Area 20~30
EER BTU/w 19.49
Power Consumption
Power Input Cooling W 770
Heating W 800
Rated Current Cooling A 15.7
Heating A 16.3
Fan Motor
Fan Speed Indoor rpm 1200/1100/1000
Outdoor rpm 880
Max. Input Power Indoor W 32
Outdoor W 50
Indoor Unit Net (WxHxD) mm 795x285x215
Package mm 905x370x283
Outdoor Unit Net (WxHxD) mm 820x540x320
Package mm 880x590x360
Indoor Unit Net/Gross kg 10/12
Outdoor Unit Net/Gross kg 35/38
Connection Copper Tube
Liquid/Gas Tube Diameter mm 6.35/9.52
Container Loading Qty (20’GP/40’GP/40’HQ) 95/200/235