Recommended solar accessories:

Solar Panels: 300W~320W (72 cells) mono/poly crystalline
Q’ty of Solar Panels: 4
Solar Panel Array: 2 panels in series as 1 string, 2 strings in parallel.
Batteries: 4x12V 100Ah Gel Batteries
Solar Charge Controller: 48V 40-45A

Main Characters:
Power Supply: 48V DC
Compressor: Panasonic inverter
Fan Motor: Panasonic
Refrigerant: R410a

48V DC pure solar powered air conditioners can work 100% by solar. No grid AC power supply required. AK series solar air conditioners are powered by DC power, no power inverter required. We design these AK series solar air conditioners for area with abundant sunshine, but without grid AC power supply, for example: unattended telecom towers, faraway farms, islands, construction sites, container houses etc.

Besides normal operation at daytime, extra electricity generated by solar panels will be saved in a 4 x 12V battery bank for overnight operation.

We design AK series solar air conditioners for tropical area. They can work well under +55 Celsius degree ambient temperature.

Taking advantage of inverter technology, and all DC driving components, the energy consumption will be 40% lower than normal air conditioners.

We design a “hybrid control box” for AK series solar air conditioners. Power supply will be switched to 110-220V/50-60Hz/1Ph grid power automatically when voltage of battery bank drops down to 48V. When voltage of battery bank rise up to 52V after sunrise, the power supply will be switched back to battery bank automatically.

Models Cooling Only HSAC-18C/PE
Heat Pump HSAC-18H/PE
Power supply DCV DC48V
Rated Cooling Capacity W 5000 (2000-6000)
BTU 17000 (6824-20400)
Rated Input Power (Cooling) W 1400(140-2260)
Rated Heating Capacity W 5800 (1500-7000)
BTU 19700 (5100-23800)
Rated Input Power (Heating) W 1550 (300-2300)
Dehumidifying Capacity L/h 1.7
Compressor Model 5RD138ZAC21
Brand Panasonic
Indoor Air Flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 840/680/540
Indoor Noise Level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 45/42/35
Indoor unit Dimension(W*H*D) mm 1150*300*260
Packing   (W*H*D) mm 1230*355*315
Net/Gross weight Kg 17
Outdoor Air Flow m3/h 3000
Outdoor Noise Level dB(A) ≤54
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 910*340*700
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 1035*375*755
Net/Gross weight Kg 45/48
Refrigerant Type and Pre-charged volume g R410a(1600)
Refrigerant Pipeline Gas side/Liquid side inch  1/2   1/4
Max. Refrigerant Pipe Length m 20
Max. Difference in Height m 10
Drain Pipe Size mm 16
Application Area m2 25-30
Refrigerant Pipeline Length m 3
Cabinet Material Galvanized Steel