hybrid solar air conditioner

Recommend solar accessories:

Solar Panels: 300W~320W (72 cells) poly crystalline or mono crystalline
Q’ty of Solar Panels: 5
Solar Panel Array: All in series
Connection Method: MC4 Connector
Batteries: NOT required
Solar Charge Controller: NOT required

Harvest Solar Air Conditioners can provide both solar heating and solar cooling functions. At summer period, you can enjoy free solar cooling, while in winter, you can enjoy free solar heating.

There are two power supplies for AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners:
220V/50-60Hz/1Ph AC grid power and 90V-340V DC solar power.

At daytime with sunshine, 90V-340V DC solar power will be the main power supplier for hybrid solar air conditioners. DC power generated by solar panels will be 100% consumed in priority. By the auto power distribution system, the insufficient part of power will be supplied by AC grid power automatically.

When sunshine is strong, less power supply comes from grid power.
When sunshine is weak, more power supply comes from grid power.
And when there is no sunshine (in cloudy/rainy days or after sunset), there will be no any electricity generated by solar panels, then hybrid solar air conditioners will be 100% powered by AC grid power.

In case there is no grid power available, the “HA Plus” can run 100% by solar energy. That is, the solar energy will directly drive Harvest hybrid solar air conditioners.