AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners (HA series)


Duo Power Sources
AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners are powered by 2 (two) power suppliers:
i) 220V/50~60Hz/1Ph AC grid power ii) DC power generated by solar panels

Intellegent Power Management (IPM) System
100% electricity generated by solar panels will be consumed in prority. In case the electricity from solar panels is enough to drive hybrid solar air conditioners, then thre will be no any  electricity comes from grid AC power. In case the electricity generated by solar panels is not enough to drive solar air conditioners, the insufficient part of electricity will be supplied by grid AC power automatically.

Solar Power Direct-Drive Technogy
By the brushless DC motor technology, the new “HA plus” solar air conditioning system make “solar-direct-drive” come into reality.
When there is no grid AC power avaiable, the hybrid air conditioners will be powered by solar energy only. Compressor and fan speed will be reduced smoothly if the electricity from solar panels can not supply 100% power of air conditioner required.

48V DC Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioners (PA Series)


Off-Grid Operation
48V DC solar air conditioners can work 100% by solar panels, no AC grid power is required.
Off-grid 48V DC solar ac units are suitable for sites without grid AC power, or with often power failures.
By support of battery bank, off-grid solar air conditioners can work 24 hours per day.

Energy Saving
100% electricity generated by solar panels will be stored in battery bank.
Inverter technology can reduce around 30% energy consumption than normal ON/OFF air conditioners.

Grid AC Power Backup System
“PA plus” series solar air conditioners have a power connector for 220V/50-60Hz/1Ph AC grid power. The power supply will be switeched to 220V/50-60Hz/1Ph AC grid power automatically upon low battery.