Solar air conditioning is the holy grail of solar energy systems. You get free air conditioning where you need it most. No longer do you have to flinch every time you hear your air conditioner kick on thinking what the next bill will be. You just smile to yourself and try not to think of the old days.

Recently, the solar industry has seen an influx of enquiries due to the announcement of increasing power costs, along with people feeling the squeeze of the budget cuts. With so many solar air conditioning companies promoting different size products and customers’ needs varying so greatly, how are you supposed to know what system will work best for you. With cost of systems coming down dramatically, potential customers are now purchasing the biggest solar air conditioning system they can to help counter act any potential increases in their own consumption.

Save your home, save lots of money and save the planet

During off peak hours, solar air conditioning design captures 60-80% solar power. There is no other air conditioner more efficient than that available anywhere. And if the sun is not available, it can run on batteries and AC supply. Solar air conditioning units have their own AC to DC converter built right in. In fact it can run on batteries, AC or solar at the same time. This unique futuristic design ensures that as long as the sun is shining, the solar air conditioning unit continues to run on solar power, delivering users 100% free air conditioning during peak sun hours.

The solar air conditioning units are truly plug-n-play units. You simply plug in the solar panels, and flip the switch and voila. You have free cool refreshing air blowing into your home/office. You won’t need a big expensive array of solar panels as the solar air conditioning units demand only 850W of power to run efficiently.  

So, bring a solar air conditioning unit to your home/office today and save more on your expenditure. Save Money! Save Your Home! Save the Planet from Carbon!

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