Air-Water Heat Pumps

HARVEST Air-water heat pump is an ideal solution for domestic or commercial hot water. Heat pump can supply hot water for kitchen/bathroom/floor heating, or commercial buildings like hotels, SPA center, swimming pools etc.

The hot water will be stored in water tank. By a circle water pump, hot water will run inside water pipes. You can use hot water immediately when you turn on the tape.

Air-water heat pumps consume a small electricity to get heat energy from atmosphere in ambient environment to produce hot water. The EER (energy efficiency ratio) value will be around 5 time higher than electric heaters or gas boilers. You can save around 80% electricity cost if you use hot water from air water heat pump.

Now more and more families, and hotels start to use heat pumps, not only for cost saving, but also for energy saving and eco friendship.

By taking advantage of compressor EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology, HARVEST air water heat pumps can still work well and produce hot water under -25C degree ambient temperature.

Air-Water heat pump is a clean solution to produce hot water. There is neither pollution, no carbon emission to the environment.


Air-Water Heat Pumps for Family Using

Main Functions:

*For Air Conditioning

* For Floor Heating

*For Domestic Hot Water

Model Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity EER/COP Dimensions (cm)
HHP-09  9KW 10KW 3.30/3.50 100x40x102.5
HHP-11 11KW 12KW 3.21/3.36 100x40x102.5
HHP-14 14KW 14.5KW 2.91/3.10 100x40x102.5
HHP-16 16KW 17.5KW 3.16/3.35 100x40x139
HHP-18 18KW 20KW 3.10/3.30 100x40x139
HHP-20 20KW 22KW 3.04/3.23 100x40x139
HHP-22 22KW 24KW 2.93/3.19 100x40x139
HHP-25 25KW 27KW 3.27/3.23 110x40x157
HHP-28 28KW 30KW 3.09/3.06 110x40x157
HHP-32 32KW 34KW 2.97/2.94 110x40x157

Main Features:

*Full DC inverter technology

Panasonic or Toshiba inverter brand compressors, DC inverter fan motors and complete inverter control system to guarantee HARVEST air/water heat pumps run with lowest energy consumption.

* Easy Installation

Multi-Zone technology make installation as easy as possible. Air/Water heat exchanger, circle water pump and expansion tank are integrated installed inside air/water heat pumps. Only water in/out pipe connection required. The compact design allow you to install heat pumps even in balcony.

*Strong Heating Capability

By EVI technology compressor and electronic expansion valve technology, HARVEST air/water heat pumps can produce strong heating capability even under -25C ambient temperature cold winter.

ECO friendly

With eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, there is no any harmful to ozone.

Energy Saving

Full DC inverter  air/water heat pumps increases efficiency of heat pumps. Therefor, HARVEST full DC inverter air/water heat pumps can save 30-40% energy consumption than normal on/off heat pumps.

Anti-rust Casing

HARVEST Eco Solutions Limited uses galvanized steel sheet for it’s air-water heat pumps. No worry about rusting in 10 years.

heat pump

Air-Water Heat Pumps for Commercial Using

Harvest commercial air/water heat pumps can be widely used in hotel, school, restaurant and other commercial buildings. Strong hot water supply capability can provide 7 x 24 hours hot water. Under support of water tank, HARVEST air water heat pumps can save energy at night at low electricity cost. The efficiency of air-water heat pump will be 3 times higher than electric water heater or gas/oil boilers. The Modular design can expand heating capacity from 23kw to 46kw, 69kw,92kw and more.

Main Features:

* Eco-friendly R410a /R32 refrigerant

* World-famous Copeland scroll compressors

* SUS304 Stainless Steel cases

*Titanium heat ex-changer optional

*  Normal heating under lowest temp. at -25C degree

*Solar-mains hybrid swimming pool heat pumps available

swiming pool HE

Titanium Twisted Tube Heat Ex-Changers

Titanium can prevent heat ex-changer of heat pumps from rusting.  The lifespan of HARVEST air-water heat pumps will be 3 times longer than heat pumps with normal tube heat ex-changer or plate heat ex-changer.

The twisted tube heat ex-changer is a patented products of HARVEST. The twisted tube design increased 150% heat ex-changer size than normal flat tube heat ex-changers.

We can supply Titanium/Copper twisted tube heat ex-changers 5kw – 7kw – 9kw- 11kw – 15kw – 17kw – 20kw – 22kw. ODM service is available.