heat pump

Air-Water Heat Pumps

HARVEST Air-water heat pumps can be used produce residential hot water for kitchen/bathroom/floor heating or commercial purpose buildings like hotels, swimming pools etc.

Air-water heat pumps consume a little electricity and get heat heat energy from air in ambient environment to produce hot water. The EER (energy efficiency ratio) value will be much higher than electric heaters or gas boilers.

Air-Water heat pump is a clean solution to produce hot water. There is neither pollution, no carbon emission to environment.

Capacity range of HARVEST Air-Water Heat Pumps:

* Residential air-water heat pumps:

3.5 kw – 5 kw – 7 kw – 9 kw – 14 kw – 17 kw

*Commercial air-water heat pumps:

23 kw – 46 kw – 69 kw – 92 kw

* Swimming pool heat pumps:

5 kw – 7 kw – 9 kw – 11 kw

Main Features:

* Eco-friendly R410a /R32 refrigerant

* World-famous Copeland scroll compressors

* 304 Stainless Steel cases

*Titanium heat ex-changer optional

*  Normal heating under lowest temp. at -25C degree

*Solar-mains hybrid swimming pool heat pumps available

twisted heat exchanger

Titanium Twisted Tube Heat Ex-Changers

Titanium can prevent heat ex-changer of heat pumps from rusting.  The lifespan of HARVEST air-water heat pumps will be 3 times longer than heat pumps with normal tube heat ex-changer or plate heat ex-changer.

The twisted tube heat ex-changer is a patented products of HARVEST. The twisted tube design increased 150% heat ex-changer size than normal flat tube heat ex-changers.

We can supply Titanium/Copper twisted tube heat ex-changers 5kw – 7kw – 9kw- 11kw – 15kw – 17kw – 20kw – 22kw. ODM service is available.