On/Off Wall Split Air Conditioners


Healthy and comfortable design

* Healthy “Sleeping Mode”

In “sleeping mode” the setting temperature will increase 1C degree (under cooling mode) or decrease 2C degree (under heating mode) per hour automatically in first two hours, which helps us to enjoy the most comfortable temperature, keep us healthy and save energy consumption as well.

* Turbo function

With “Turbo” function, the air conditioner will cool down or warm up the room to setting temperature in a shortest time.

*Auto Restart function

In case of power failure during A/C operation, the memo chip will record the operation mode and setting data automatically. When the power supply recover, the air conditioner will be re-started automatically with previous mode and setting.

* Background LED display

*Super Quiet Operation up to 23 dB(A)

*Time delay to prevent cold air under heating mode

* Self-diagnosis and self protection

* Strong dehumidification capability

Long lifespan design

*Anti-rust galvanized outdoor case

*Inner grooved copper tube and hydrophilic aluminium fins help air conditioners improve 10-15% heating capacity.

*GMCC compressors

* R410a eco-friendly refrigerant

Inverter Wall Split Air Conditioners


Beside all features of above On/Off wall split air conditioner, inverter wall split air conditioners have below special features.

Inverter air conditioners can save around 30% energy consumption than On/Off wall split air conditioners.

On/Off air conditioners will stop running after they reach set point of room temperature. When room temp rise 1C degree higher than set point (cooling mode) or 1C degree lower than set point (heating mode), the air conditioner will be restarted. Constant on and off of air conditioners cost too much energy consumption. While compressors and fan motors of inverter air conditioners will not stop working after the air conditioner reach set point of room temperature. Instead, they will reduce speed of compressor to save energy consumption.

Inverter air conditioners with much more comfortable than On/Off air conditioners

Due to constant on and off, the room temperature will go up and down, which make us uncomfortable. If we use inverter air conditioners, the temperature will be adjusted accurately with +/- 0.1C degree, which greatly improve the comfortable feeling.