Sixty (60) sets of 48V off-grid pure solar air conditioners were shipped to Nigeria at the beginning of 2020. It is the third time of this Nigeria client import Harvest solar air conditioners from Harvest Eco Solutions Limited. This order includes 25 sets of 9K btu, 25 sets of 12K btu, 5 sets of 18K btu and 5 sets of 24K btu solar air conditioners.

“It is in 2014 we first time purchase Harvest solar air conditioners. After 5 years approval, we are quite satisfied with the quality of Harvest solar air conditioners. Nigeria is a country lack of electricity supply, so people here with great demands with solar powered air conditioners. We estimate that our purchasing quantity will be increased rapidly very soon”, said the purchasing manager of Nigeria client.

 Harvest Eco Solutions Limited supplied the newest generation of PA series off-grid solar air conditioners with background hidden digital display. The whole range of solar air conditioners with GMCC DC inverter compressors. Harvest offer 5 years warranty for all compressors.