Harvest Solar Air Conditioners in Nigeria

Harvest solar air conditioners has been exported to Nigeria for 8 years. In 2011, first 40ft container of Harvest solar air conditioners were shipped to Nigeria. It is a project of chick hatchery with several buildings. Harvest solar air conditioners is used to cool down the hatchery.

Eight years past, each solar air conditioners are still working well. Recently, the customs placed a repeat order of 40ft container mixed by Harvest solar air conditioners, solar ceiling fanssolar chest freezers and solar refrigerators in April of 2019.


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Harvest hybrid solar air conditioners exported to Bahrain

Harvest AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners were exported to Kingdom of Bahrain at beginning of 2018. It is first time that Harvest solar air conditioners enter into market of Bahrain. Up to now, Harvest has distributors in whole Middle-East.

The HE series solar air conditioners of this order, with CE, CB and SASO certificates, can work well under T3 climate conditions. All solar air conditioners with Toshiba (GMCC) or Panasonic compressors. Besides air filters, cross fans are also washable by pressing a button at side of indoor units.


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Harvest Expanded Solar Business in Central America

Harvest Eco Solutions Limited expanded it’s solar application business in Central America.

Central America is an area with abundant sunshine but lack of energy supply. That’s why Central America has great demands of renewable energy.

In 2017, Harvest Eco Solutions Limited signed exclusive distribution agreement with distributors from Costa Rica, Panama and Bonaire for it’s solar applications such as solar air conditioners, solar refrigerators, solar chest freezers and solar ceiling fans etc.

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Solar Air Conditioner Sales Blooms in USA

Harvest has exported it’s solar air conditioners to United Sates since 2012.

In 2017, Harvest cooperated with local distributor. The sales volume exceeds 500 units. On basis of off-grid solar air conditioners, Harvest present hybrid solar air conditioners to United States, which is best solution for office building with grid power supply, but only need air conditioning at day time. More than 90% of electricity consumption for  air conditioners will be from solar panels.


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HARVEST solar air conditioners in Thailand

Harvest solar air conditioners were installed in Thailand recently.

“Hybrid control box” was included in each solar air conditioner system. Each solar air conditioner can work 15 hours per day 100% by solar panels. Power supply will be switched to grid power automatically upon low battery. After voltage of battery bank rise up, the power supply will be switched back to solar energy automatically.

The “hybrid control box” can take most advantage of solar energy, meanwhile, it can help end users to enjoy air conditioning 24 hours per day without too much initial investment on solar panels and battery bank.

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1×40’HQ of solar air conditioners exported to Nigeria

Harvest exported 1×40′ HQ container of solar air containers to Nigeria in early of June 2014.

The shipment contains 60 sets of solar air conditioners, 3 sets of solar refrigerators and 3 sets of solar deep freezers. Solar panels, Gel batteries, hybrid controllers, power adapters and other solar accessories included in the shipment.

Up to now, Harvest has became the leading manufacture of PV solar air conditioners in China.

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Sales of heat recovery ventilators expanded

Harvest successfully got CE approvals for its HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) in 2009, which greatly help its sales to European market, especially in East Europe like Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland etc.

In 2014, Totally more than 15,000 HRV units with all specifications have been exported to Russian and Ukraine.

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Harvest solar air conditioner project in Kuwait

Harvest off-grid solar air conditioners can work 100% by solar energy, which is the best solution for container house.

The container house project located in faraway desert in Kuwait without grid power supply. Harvest provided 25 units of 12,000btu and 2 units of 15,000btu solar air conditioners. Each 40ft container with 24 pcs of solar panels. All electric applications inside container house are powered by 12V/24V/48V DC.

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Harvest Air Conditioners for Pakistan Telecom

Full container of room air conditioners were exported to Pakistan recently.

All these air conditioners are for a telecom project of PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).

All units were under “Harvest” brand.

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Solar Air Conditioners Exported to Sierra Leone

6 x complete sets of 18,000btu (1.5ton) solar air conditioners were shipped to Sierra Leone, Africa in Nov. 2016. Each air conditioner will be powered by 8 x 310W solar panels and 8 x 12V 150Ah Gel batteries. Under assistance of hybrid control box, the power supply will be switched to grid power automatically upon low batteries.

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