In 2017, Harvest Eco Solutions Limited presented it’s AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners, ranged from 9,000btu to 24,000btu. Comparing with off-grid pure solar air conditioners, what are the main benefits of AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners?


– TOSHIBA (GMCC) full DC inverter compressor

– BLDC inner and external fan motors

– High Efficiency

– No batteries required, no pollution

– No solar charge controller required

– Low initial investment, short invest return period

– AC/DC hybrid dual power supplies

– Easy and convenient installation

– Use PV power as power priority, utilization rate more than 90%

– Grid AC and PV power interact and auto-distribution, achieve non-stop supply

– Wide DC range (50V-380V)

– Achieve solar panel free combination per installation

– Can work properly under wide climate conditions (T1 & T3)

From above main benefits of AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners, we found that if there is city grid power available, AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners will be best solution. If you only use air conditioning at day time, for example, at office, you can save above 90% electricity.

You don’t need to worry about air conditioning during cloudy or rainy days, because even without sunshine, AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners can still work properly 100% by city grid power.

The most important thing is, without city grid power supply, the AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners can’t work even under good sunshine.