Harvest invested a solar module factory in Vietnam

On 21st May 2020, a new factory of solar modules were established in Hai Doung provicne, Vietnam. It is the first overseas factory invested by Harvest Eco Solutions Limited. The new factory covers area of 250,000 sqm with totally 3 buildings, with around 300 employee. The main products are mono crystalline 166mm 9BB PERC solar panels, ranged from 430W to 450W.

There are two automatic assemble lines installed in the new factory. The anual output exceeds 600MW. All products with ETL and CE certificate. The company was qualified with ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO 5001 certificate.

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Technavio recognized Harvest as the best manufacture of hybrid solar air conditioners

The professional third party insititue “technavio.com” just issued professional analysis report for “Global Hybrid Air Conditioner Market 2019-2023” in May 2019.

In snapshot of this report, “technavio.com” think that The global hybrid air conditioner market will grow at a CAGR of over 9% during 2018-2023. and the market size will increase by USD5.09 billion during 2019-2023. The market’s growth momentum is expected to accelerate throughout the forecase period.

“technavio.com” thinks APAC was the largest market in 2018, and its position will remain the same during 2019-2023. Market growth in this region will be faster than the growth of the market in Europe and South America. Over 42% of the overall market growth will originate from the APAC region, and China will offer maximum growth opportunities to market participants.

The global hybrid air conditioner market is fragmented. To help clients improve their market position, this report provides an analysis of the market’s competitive landscape and offers information on the products offered by various companies. Moreover, this hybrid air conditioner market analysis report also provides information on the upcoming trends and challenges that will influence market growth. This will help companies create strategies to make the most of their future growth opportunities.

The report offers a detailed analysis of several leading hybrid air conditioner manufacturers, including:

  • Harvest Eco Solutions Ltd.
  • HotSpot Energy Inc.
  • Lennox International Inc.
  • Solair World International Pte Ltd.
  • Videocon Industries Ltd.

In this report, Harvest Eco Solutions Ltd. is ranked N0. 1 as the best manufacturer of solar air conditioners China as well as global hybrid solar air conditioners market.

To view details of this report, click https://www.technavio.com/

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Harvest solar air conditioners exported to Nigeria

Sixty (60) sets of 48V off-grid pure solar air conditioners were shipped to Nigeria at the beginning of 2020. It is the third time of this Nigeria client import Harvest solar air conditioners from Harvest Eco Solutions Limited. This order includes 25 sets of 9K btu, 25 sets of 12K btu, 5 sets of 18K btu and 5 sets of 24K btu solar air conditioners.

“It is in 2014 we first time purchase Harvest solar air conditioners. After 5 years approval, we are quite satisfied with the quality of Harvest solar air conditioners. Nigeria is a country lack of electricity supply, so people here with great demands with solar powered air conditioners. We estimate that our purchasing quantity will be increased rapidly very soon”, said the purchasing manager of Nigeria client.

 Harvest Eco Solutions Limited supplied the newest generation of PA series off-grid solar air conditioners with background hidden digital display. The whole range of solar air conditioners with GMCC DC inverter compressors. Harvest offer 5 years warranty for all compressors.


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Have You Installed Solar Air Conditioner To Save Electricity Bills?


With summer fast approaching and temperatures starting to rise, there is no better time than now to consider a solar air conditioner. Solar air conditioner uses an innovative intelligent power management technology. This technology integrated into the systems means that it can simply be plugged into your solar air conditioner connection and power transmission line to maintain cooling and heating your environment without needing an inverter, controller or batteries. The system is compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz power so can be used anywhere in the world.

The solar air conditioner replaces the equivalent amount ac powered cooling systems and has the ability to cut your daytime energy costs for running solar air conditioner units by up to 90% by utilizing the maximum amount of available solar power. With summer fast approaching, keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs and prevent heat build-up by keeping the area comfortable with heating or cooling available for up to 30 Sqm.

Harvest – Most Trusted Name in the Solar Air Conditioner Industry

Harvest’s proven experience with installation of solar air conditioner means that we understand the important considerations which greatly assists with system design and performance. The solar air conditioner units can be connected to a maximum of 10 x 330W solar panels. This system is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing most of the energy that it needs during the daylight hours and will automatically switch to the grid power connection when there is insufficient sunlight, clouds or limited solar power available. To increase effectiveness, our team also offers solar panel cleaning and maintenance with full written reporting to get your solar panels back to maximum efficiency.

Harvest proudly operate within the environmental sustainability marketplace and are globally recognized for introducing and delivering innovative and effective environmental solutions for challenging applications.

Contact us today for a quote or to discuss over our solar air conditioner units tailored to your individual needs.

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Solar air conditioner: the best solution to cut home electricity expense

Solar air conditioning is the holy grail of solar energy systems. You get free air conditioning where you need it most. No longer do you have to flinch every time you hear your air conditioner kick on thinking what the next bill will be. You just smile to yourself and try not to think of the old days.

Recently, the solar industry has seen an influx of enquiries due to the announcement of increasing power costs, along with people feeling the squeeze of the budget cuts. With so many solar air conditioning companies promoting different size products and customers’ needs varying so greatly, how are you supposed to know what system will work best for you. With cost of systems coming down dramatically, potential customers are now purchasing the biggest solar air conditioning system they can to help counter act any potential increases in their own consumption.

Save your home, save lots of money and save the planet

During off peak hours, solar air conditioning design captures 60-80% solar power. There is no other air conditioner more efficient than that available anywhere. And if the sun is not available, it can run on batteries and AC supply. Solar air conditioning units have their own AC to DC converter built right in. In fact it can run on batteries, AC or solar at the same time. This unique futuristic design ensures that as long as the sun is shining, the solar air conditioning unit continues to run on solar power, delivering users 100% free air conditioning during peak sun hours.

The solar air conditioning units are truly plug-n-play units. You simply plug in the solar panels, and flip the switch and voila. You have free cool refreshing air blowing into your home/office. You won’t need a big expensive array of solar panels as the solar air conditioning units demand only 850W of power to run efficiently.  

So, bring a solar air conditioning unit to your home/office today and save more on your expenditure. Save Money! Save Your Home! Save the Planet from Carbon!

Willing to purchase a unit today? Contact harvest.cn – the most trustable solar powered air conditioner supplier in China.

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What Options Do You Have for Solar Air Conditioner in China?

Summer in China can tend to bring with it some really hot days and the chance for some unkind cooling bills. What if we told you there’s a way to prevent that costly energy spike in the summer? A solar air conditioner can keep you cool all summer without costing you a lot in utility costs. In fact, it can save so much on your utility bills that you will pay for itself in a matter of a few years. After that, your entire savings goes back in to your wallet.

So, what is solar air conditioner? The best solar air conditioner in China is essentially a traditional air conditioner that utilizes solar power. Solar panels, like those in the Harvest, capture the sun’s radiant energy and take it to the air conditioner after it’s been converted to electrical current. The solar energy that’s created is first used to heat and cool your home. Energy that’s collected but not needed by your air conditioner can be taken advantage of to power electronics and small appliances, and if energy is remaining, it can potentially be sold back to your utility company.

 Deciding Solar Air Conditioner in China is a Good Choice for You

So, how can you know if the solar air conditioner in China is a great choice for you? Consider these questions and, if your answers are mostly ‘YES’, give Harvest a call today to get started with the best solar air conditioner:

  • Do you have an area to place solar panels that has unobstructed sunlight?
  • Is this area large enough to house solar panels of the solar air conditioner?
  • Are there any local laws that would prevent you from benefiting from solar panels?

If you are uncertain of your answer to any of these questions, Harvest can help. A lot of people are concerned with the cost involved with solar air conditioner. Over time, your reduction in utility costs will pay you back, plus years of added savings. Call Harvest to get a good idea of the money you’ll save plus how much better it will be for the planet. What’s even better is that you can receive federal rebates on your investment on the best solar air conditioner in China and you could even be eligible for state incentives.

Official Benefits of Installing Solar Air Conditioner in China

The government provides a solar tax credit, 25D, for homeowners who buy and install equipment that uses solar energy to create electricity. It covers:

  • Up to 9% of the total retail cost of the solar air conditioner in China, when solar modules are applied
  • 30% of the cost with no upper limit on solar module installation

Having a solar air conditioner can also increase the value of your home. Surveys conducted have indicated that home values increase by an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. As you can see, there are a variety of reasons to love solar air conditioner in China; call Harvest to talk about your best solar air conditioner buying possibilities. Or, simply request an appointment with us online.

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HARVEST solar air conditioners in Thailand

Harvest solar air conditioners were installed in Thailand recently.

“Hybrid control box” was included in each solar air conditioner system. Each solar air conditioner can work 15 hours per day 100% by solar panels. Power supply will be switched to grid power automatically upon low battery. After voltage of battery bank rise up, the power supply will be switched back to solar energy automatically.

The “hybrid control box” can take most advantage of solar energy, meanwhile, it can help end users to enjoy air conditioning 24 hours per day without too much initial investment on solar panels and battery bank.

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1×40’HQ of solar air conditioners exported to Nigeria

Harvest exported 1×40′ HQ container of solar air containers to Nigeria in early of June 2014.

The shipment contains 60 sets of solar air conditioners, 3 sets of solar refrigerators and 3 sets of solar deep freezers. Solar panels, Gel batteries, hybrid controllers, power adapters and other solar accessories included in the shipment.

Up to now, Harvest has became the leading manufacture of PV solar air conditioners in China.

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Sales of heat recovery ventilators expanded

Harvest successfully got CE approvals for its HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) in 2009, which greatly help its sales to European market, especially in East Europe like Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland etc.

In 2014, Totally more than 15,000 HRV units with all specifications have been exported to Russian and Ukraine.

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Harvest solar air conditioner project in Kuwait

Harvest off-grid solar air conditioners can work 100% by solar energy, which is the best solution for container house.

The container house project located in faraway desert in Kuwait without grid power supply. Harvest provided 25 units of 12,000btu and 2 units of 15,000btu solar air conditioners. Each 40ft container with 24 pcs of solar panels. All electric applications inside container house are powered by 12V/24V/48V DC.

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