Solar Air Conditioner
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  •    48V DC powered 100% Solar Air Conditioner
Solar Air Conditioner System Drawing

Main features:

Off-grid mode
* 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving
* 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power required.
* Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation, over 8 hoursĄŻ back up time.
* DC inverter permanent magnet compressors
* DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors
* Lowest energy consumption, lowest noise level
* Lowest energy loss, SEER>19
* R134a CFC free refrigerant, Eco-friendly
* Short investment recovery period (1-3 years)
* CE approved
* Solar-mains power hybrid mode optional.
when the energy in batteries is not enough to drive solar air conditioner (voltage < 45V), You can use a power adapter to drive solar air conditioner. The power adapter can transfer 220V/110V AC power to 48V DC for solar air conditioner using. Under hybrid mode, You can run 24Hr. per day without too much investment in solar panels and batteries. In addition, you can use the power adapter as a batteries charger.

Power Adapter

Hot sale Areas:
* Area with abundant sunshine (South Europe, Africa, Middle-east, South Asia, Latin America;
* Small islands (Caribbean area etc)
* Faraway area without AC power supply (telecom station in mountains, refuge shelters, tour leisure camp tents, temporary building etc)
* Marine use (yacht, vessel etc)
* Area with expensive electricity power supply or often power failures
* Anywhere with 48V DC supply

Solar Air Conditioner Indoor (Panel F)
Solar Air Conditioner Outdoor
Capacity 12,000BTU 15,000BTU
Cooling Only HSAC-12C/C HSAC-15C/C
Cooling & Heating HSAC-12H/C HSAC-15H/C
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Meaning of each letter in model:
H - Harvest; SAC - Solar Air Conditioner
12 -12,000btu; 15 -15,000btu
C - Cooling only; H - cooling and heating
A - refrigerant R410a; B - refrigerant R22; C - refrigerant R134a
Installation site of Solar Air Conditioner
Q: How does the solar air conditioner work?
PV Solar panels produce electricity. Electricity to be saved in batteries as energy bank; Batteries drive air conditioner to run for cooling and heating. Solar controller protect the whole system and provide stalbe power supply.
Solar Controller (Phocos brand)
Q: Which kind of fan motor you use?
We use 48V DC brushless fan motors for both indoor and outdoor units of our solar air conditioners. DC brushless fan motors can greatly reduce energy consumption, and run with super low noise.
48V DC brushless fan motor
Q: How many watt solar panel we need to drive Harvest solar air conditioner?
We suggest you to connect 4 or 6 pcs 280W-300W solar panels to drive each solar air conditioner. Both mono-crystalline and ploy-crystalline solar panels can be accepted.
Q: Do you need inverter to make DC power to AC?
Inverter is NOT required for our solar air conditioners, because our solar air conditioners were 100% driven by 48V DC power.
Control System of Solar Air Conditioner
Q: What is the function of batteries? Which kind of batteries and capacity recommended for your solar air conditioners?
Battery is the energy bank to reserve electricity energy. We recommend you 4 x 12V deep cycle jel solar batteries for each solar system.
Deep Cycle Solar Battery (JEL) Recommended
Air Conditioners 12,000BTU 15,000BTU
Batteries 4 X 12V 100AH/150AH 4 X 12V 150AH/200AH
Q: Can I buy solar air conditioner only from you, and buy other accessories from other supplier?
All accessories we recommended are approved by us. But you can buy solar panels, deep cycle JEL batteries, solar controllers, batteries chargers and power adapter from other supplier.
Q: What will happen when batteries is not enough to drive air conditioner?
When the voltage of batteris is lower than 45V, solar air conditioner will be shut off automatically. After energy inside batteries is enough, solar air conditioner will re-start automatically.
Q: What functions else included?
"Auto re-start" function: All previous setting (mode, temp. fan speed etc) will be reserved after each power off.
"Timer": help you to set auto ON/OFF time. Real 24Hr. setting make it easy to set auto ON/OFF time of operation.
"self-diagnosis": The display of our solar air conditioner will show error codes when there is any faults with the system operation. By given error codes, you can be easy to find a solution.
Q: What is the voltage range for solar air conditioners?
The rated voltage range is 45V to 55V.
Q: Where do you have distributors of your solar air conditioners?
Europe: Greece, Spain, Czech
Africa: Nigeria, Algeria, Botswana,Sierra Leone, Egypt, Equatorial Guinee
Asia: Turkey, Kuwait, UAE, India, Pakistan, Maldive, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Singapore
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Guam
America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Aruba, Grenada
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